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    Why it is cheaper to learn to drive with A1 Automatic driving school

At A1 Automatic driving school we tailor your driving lessons to your needs - not ours. We will push you at the fastest pace you can manage towards being a good and safe driver, and therefore ready to take your driving test. Many Driving Instructors will 'drip-feed' their clients with information to keep them paying for lessons for longer, and will get them to take several driving tests before they have a chance at being successful

    A1 Automatic driving school will never do this

We offer similar starter deals to most schools. This is because the first lesson is mostly verbal instruction (Safety and Controls) given in a car park, without the engine running, and there is therefore no fuel cost...

Some driving schools operate 45 or 50 minute driving lessons so beware if they quote £/lesson rather than £/hour. This allows them to get from you to their next client by the start of the next hour... At A1 Automatic driving schools, a driving lesson is always a full hour, or multiple thereof

We suggest that 1.5 or 2 hour lessons are more cost effective for our clients. This is because there should be a 5-10 minutes briefing on the driving lesson content, and a 10-15 minute feedback session at the conclusion to each driving lesson. Clearly shorter driving lesson sessions will be effected more by the briefing and de-briefing times. Also, with longer syllabus items such as roundabout: that can be mastered in one 2 hour session, but can take 3-4 hours if split up into shorter sessions

    To ensure you get the best deal with A1 Automatic driving school, we will 'price match' any other driving school's offers or deals
The bottom line is A1 Automatic driving school will get you to successful test in fewer hours than other driving schools (the number of hours quoted by DSA is 47 hours to successful test), and because you are much more likely to pass first time, the overall cost with A1 Automatic driving school is lower.

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Automatic driving School average hours to successful test: 29.4 hrs

National average hours to successful test: 47.1 hrs

Automatic Driving School Pass Rate 96.8%

National Pass Rate 47.4%

Automatic driving school average driving tests to pass: 1.01

National average driving tests to pass: 3.1