Automatic Driving lessons Orpington

Driving Instructor Training Methodology at Automatic Driving School

Automatic Driving School Gravesend Learning diagram

Once trained, A1 Automatic Driving School pupils go to their Practical Driving Test with more advanced observation and analytical skills closer to the Institute of Advanced Motoring standards

This advanced driver training results in early observation, enhanced reasoning skills, and better developed 'converting information to action' ability

The ability to identify driving hazards early, results in a more 'eco-friendly' and relaxed driving style. This means A1 Automatic Driving School pupils are more confident at their Practical Driving Test and so consistently pass their driving test earlier and therefore more cheaply

Our driving instructors at A1 Automatic Driving School have worked hard to achieve a very good reputation at Driving Test Centres, and our clients benefit from this

A1 Automatic Driving School driving instructors understand the psychology of confidence and nerves. We show our clients how to overcome their nerves during their driving lessons and this has better outcomes at practical driving tests

At A1 Automatic Driving School, our driving instructors establish driving processes and define procedures. When clients follow these procedures, one step at a time, they will get it right each time: every time. Following these processes defeats driving test nerves