Automatic Driving lessons Orpington

Driving Instructors at Automatic Driving School will prepare you for driving tests

Automatic Drive School Learning diagram

With A1 Automatic Driving School, prior to your driving test, you will be fully briefed on what will happen before and during the driving test

This will include a full briefing, with practical examples and demonstrations, of 'Safety Checks', (sometimes referred to as 'Show Me, Tell Me' questions). These are two questions the Driving Test Examiner will ask you before and during your driving test. These will also be included as part of the A1 Automatic Driving School Mock Driving Test

A1 Automatic Driving School suggest that the best time to book a driving test is early in the week and early in the day. This is borne out of published success statistics and the need for nervous candidates not to dwell on the forthcoming test all day..

With A1 Automatic Driving School there is no set fee for driving tests made by some driving schools. The only fee will be based on the time you have the car for your use. There will be one hour driving lesson prior to the test, when you will go through a routine of practice based on your training needs, and a set sequence of the most necessary procedures relevant on the Driving Test

The detailed preparation for your Practical Driving Test with A1 Automatic Driving School will go a long way to negate your pre driving test nerves and is one of the reasons for the extremely high driving test pass rates