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Driving lessons - starting with Automatic Driving School

Automatic Driving School Progress Card

    The first driving lesson is all in a car park. There you will learn how to set the car up so that you can reach the controls, and how to use the controls for your eyes, hands and feet. You will then drive in the car park, starting, stopping and steering in safety. Only once you are ready, will you go out to a quiet road

    When you learn to drive with Automatic Driving School, after each driving lesson, your performance will be marked on your progress card. This assessment will include each of the set criteria that you will be judged upon during your Practical Driving Test, and also included are other categories such as Fuelling, Satnav, and Cruise Control use

    Completion of your progress card will ensure you know exactly where you are in your driver training at all times. It also means, by the time of your Practical Driving Test you will be accustomed to being judged, which will go some way to negating your Practical Driving Test nerves

    Your Automatic Driving School driving instructor will endeavor to prepare you for your driving test in the smallest number of driving training hours. Since it takes time to prepare to start a lesson with a briefing and warm-up, and then some time to end with a de-briefing, 1 hour lessons are not cost effective. Many instructors like the shorter lessons since they keep their clients for many more hours, and thereby earn more money

    At Automatic driving school we suggest 2 hour driving lessons will get you to driving test in the smallest number of driving hours and therefore SAVE YOU MONEY

    During Driving Lessons with Automatic Driving School you will be given very clear and concise instruction using the MSPSL format. (This is included on your progress card and is abbreviated version of the Metropolitan Police Advanced Driving School system of car control)

      An example of this, for instance, for a left turn might be:

    M - Mirrors - check middle and left (BOB - to be explained in your driving lesson) mirrors;

    S - Signals left (as and when appropriate);

    P - Position, normal driving position, do not move over to the kerb;

    S - Speed c. 10mph (where appropriate) and gear (2 in manual and clutch up);

    L - Looks - ahead, left, ahead, and then deep into the turn (let nothing surprise you).

    xxxNew road mirror check - Safe to accelerate?