Automatic Driving lessons Orpington

Automatic Driving School - Why you should choose us for your driving lessons

The Senior driving instructor at A1 Automatic Driving School is Michael Howard, a retired senior police officer pensioner and is therefore not under the financial pressures of some other driving schools and driving instructors. He is a Police Advanced trained driver, a registered instructor of the Institute Advanced Motorists (IAM) for cars and motorcycles

When an A1 Automatic Driving School driving instructor gives you advice as to the number of hours you are likely to need for driving lessons, to get you to a successful driving test, it is directed by your needs, not ours

A1 Automatic Driving School driving instructors are highly qualified, in both driving and teaching

A1 Automatic Driving School driving instructors teach with words, diagrams, (example) in-car computer and/or demonstrations to suit needs of each individual client. Lessons are recorded on Car Cam for your safety and training needs.

A1 Automatic Driving School driver training is to a higher level (Near to standard of Institute of Advanced Motorists and old Met Police Class 4 - call for further details)

A1 Automatic Driving School has invested in the same Satellite Navigation System as that used in your driving test. This records the same routes as used on driving test. This means that our 'Mock Tests' are absolutely realistic

A1 Automatic Driving School clients are therefore much more likely to pass your driving test 1st time, but if not, virtually all our pupils get a driving test pass 2nd time