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Advanced driving courses are available, with or without qualification. The qualification with Institute of Advanced Driving (IAM), The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) or Driving Instructors Association, DIAmond (for driving instructors only). Any of these qualifications can allow significant reductions in your driving insurance. If you wish to achieve an advanced driving certificate, a driving test pass with the body concerned is required

A1 Automatic Driving School will tailor a driving course to your personal requirements, whether you are a police officer, or other emergency service personnel driver, or other professional driver, wishing to get ahead prior to service training, or anyone else who just wishes to improve their driving for safety, pleasure, eco-friendliness and/or economy

A1 Automatic Driving school advanced driving courses will also suit drivers of high performance motorcycles or cars, who want to learn how to get more fun from their vehicle with safety, of who want to learn to make significant savings on their fuel and maintenance costs

For motorcycle riders, A1 Automatic Driving School will teach Advanced or Defensive driver training for you to survive any driving situation while still enjoying the thrills of brisk motorcycling. A1 Automatic driving school will not teach 'wheelies' 'stoppies', or any other technique that is inherently for 'showing off'

If you require more information regarding advanced driving courses or advanced driver training, whether or not you wish to take an A1 Automatic driving course, feel free to contact our driving school for advice or information