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One reason for A1 Automatic Driving School's extremely high pass rate is the way our clients are prepared for their Driving Test. Once the complete syllabus is complete, and there are no serious shortcomings in the clients basic driving and maneuvering abilities, the preparation for test phase begins with a mock test. A1 Automatic Driving School Instructors will always accompany their clients during their Driving Test unless the clients wishes otherwise. This means our driving instructors are well aware or what happens on Driving Tests, Our Mock Driving Tests will include:

L - Exact and current Test Routes will be used

L - Similar words to those spoken in driving Tests by DSA Examiners will be used

L - Accurate copies of real driving test forms will be used

L - The same model Sat Nav system using the same directions as on Driving Test will be used

L - Your Mock Examiner will wear a fluorescent jacket similar to DSA Examiners

L - Your Mock driving Test will be marked in the same way as a real driving test

Because of the great care we take in observing driving tests, your mock driving test with A1 Automatic Driving School is as close to the real thing as is possible. This means that A1 Automatic driving school Pupils know exactly what they face when they reach their driving test which gives them the best chance of success