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At A1 Automatic driving school we can train drivers who are over 21 years of age with a full driving licence who would like to become a driving instructor

    The process has 3 stages:

      Part 1 - Theory and hazard perception

      Part 2 - Driving ability

      Part 3 - Ability to teach

    At A1 Automatic Driving School, we suggest that a prospective driving instr uctor talks over with us what the job entails, and takes a two hour driving assessment prior to spending money on training books etc

    Part 1 test is a slightly more involved version of the test a learner takes, and should not be difficult for a good driver. If you are a good driver, and you practice the tests (using Focus software), you will pass. If you presume that you will pass without practice, particularly with the hazard perception element, you are not likely to be successful

    Part 2 test is a longer version of the standard driving test and should be easy for a good driver who is committed to getting rid of the bad habits

    Part 3 You need pass Parts 1 and 2 before you can start training for this part. This involves at least 40 hours training with a qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) and completion of a declaration that you have completed this. You can then apply for a trainee licence which lasts for 6 months whilst preparing for your test

      If you would like advice or training as a prospective ADI contact A1 Automatic Driving School